Yoga is a technique that combines both the mental and physical natures of our being.  A primary purpose of yoga is to
inhabit the idea of uniting opposites to bring greater balance into our lives.  When practicing the poses (asanas) under
the guidance of a trained instructor, clients literally experience this union of opposites thus allowing them to temper
their effort with ease.  Yoga has been developed and refined over the centuries to strengthen and energize the body and
mind and can be used by anyone with great benefit.
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FitWell Studios - Private Yoga Training
FitWell Studios Private Yoga Training
Private yoga instruction at FitWell Studios is designed to meet the individual needs of our clients.  To ensure a
meaningful yoga experience, we provide everything that is needed such as yoga blocks, yoga straps, bolsters,
blankets, and bottled water for hydration. Our well-trained, certified instructors tailor each session specifically to help
our clients develop a stronger foundation in the principles of yoga thus furthering their personal practice.  During a
private yoga session, clients receive postural corrections and modifications to increase mind-body awareness.  
Individuals with special health concerns or injuries benefit greatly from private instruction.  From private yoga training,
our instructors will help each client to develop a deeper personal awareness greatly enhancing their yoga journey.

Private prenatal yoga sessions are also available by appointment.
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