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"Working with Linda at FitWell Studios has truly changed my life! It was about 9 months after giving birth to my first child and I was
struggling to take off the last of my pregnancy weight.  Linda has such an extensive knowledge base and is an absolutely
wonderful instructor.  I knew immediately that I had found exactly what I needed to get myself back into shape.  In 5 to 10
sessions, I noticed a difference in my core strength and in about 3 months my body was back to my pre-pregnancy weight.   My
family and friends were shocked by the transformation in such a short period of time.  Not only did the reformer help discipline me
with my exercising, it also helped me to have a more mindful and thoughtful approach to my diet.   In addition to the changes that I
have experienced in my outward appearance, I now have the wonderful benefit of having strength in my entire body especially my
back and can do many daily tasks with ease in comparison to what they had been in the past.  I absolutely cannot believe how this
form of exercise has changed my body.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to Linda and FitWell Studios for not only giving me my
body back, but a newfound strength and confidence."  
JD, Gibsonia PA
"I have been taking Pilates reformer private training in Los Angeles,CA since February 2008.  During the summer, I came back to Pittsburgh to visit family and friends and I found a gem
of a Pilates studio in FitWell Studios.  In fact the private sessions I had taken with Linda at FitWell Studios were better than what I have been taking in LA!  Linda is very knowledgeable
and makes each session not only effective but fun!  Before I left Pittsburgh to head back to LA, I scheduled my next session for when I come back for my holiday visit.  FitWell Studios is a
class above the restt!"  
FM, Los Angeles CA

"I had an injury and was told that Pilates reformer training would help me strengthen my core and back.  I knew about FitWell Studios through my local gym and decided to give Pilates a
try.  I have been working on the Pilates reformer with Sharon for 4 weeks now and have started seeing improvement in my core and lower back strength.  Sharon provides the right
balance of challenge and ease to ensure that I get the most of my sessions.  I feel that FitWell Studios offers top-notch instructors and the best private training in the Pittsburgh area.  I
will definitely continue my Pilates private training with them."  
BH, Cranberry PA

"I hate to exercise.  But I love my private training sessions in Pilates reformer with Linda.  Linda gives me the right amount of challenge and assistance so that I feel successful with each
exercise.  My posture and strength has improved so much.  Everybody comments on how great I look.  I am using muscles that I never knew I had and am seeing great definition in my
entire body.  YEAH!"  
AE, Pittsburgh PA

"Being 70, I was looking for an exercise that would help me with my sense of balance and keep my mind sharp.  I have exercised all my life and felt that my current exercise regime was
not meeting that need.  I found FitWell Studios and Linda at my local gym and decided to try the Pilates reformer.  I have been working on the reformer and have just finished my 15th
session.  My sense of balance has improved so much that I caught myself walking briskly (almost running) down a long flight of stairs without holding onto the handrail.  My hands were
full and I did not give it a second thought.   My breathing has also improved as well which has helped me keep my mind clear and sharp.  In Pilates reformer or mat training, you have to
be present to perform the exercises correctly.  Also, having the watchful eye of a well-trained instructor such as Linda keeps me honest in my form and breathing.  Believe it or not, I
actually have some pretty good looking abs!"  
BS, Pittsburgh PA

"As a new student to the Pilates Reformer, Linda provided me with the background and the fundamentals of Pilates in a nonthreatening manner.  I have been working with her two to
three times a week for the past seven months and I have more strength, flexibility, and coordination than I ever had.  I have noticed a dramatic difference in my core strength which would
never had occurred without the direction, motivation and challenging sessions that I experience when I work with Linda.  She has an intuitive sense of what is best for you and your body,
no matter what your previous fitness activity level has been.  This is something that only occurs with an instructor with her expertise.  Being a busy professional, she is also able to
accommodate my demanding schedule.  I want to thank her for her support, encouragement, advice and sense of humor.  I cannot say enough in praise of her talents and what
practicing Pilates under her direction has done for my body."  
KS, Wexford PA
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